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Kathy Manweiler

Stacey, that's so true, funny and poignant all at the same time.(I'm with you on the restaurants singing and clapping Happy Birthday songs - yikes!) But I love how you bring up that we just tune out many of the simple, everyday sounds that make us happy. Your list of those is great. I'm going to try listening more to what I hear, and I'll bet you're right that I'll find more joy in my day. Thanks, @kamkansas


This blog entry caught my attention the most-- considering my interest, experience and education regarding the Deaf population, culture and ASL. In short, the Deaf culture does not value sounds, music, or noise. My initial reaction was to be angry and say something along the lines of "the Deaf can do everything we can do!" but decided it was more appropriate to not only recognize what the Deaf value (or don't value), but what the hearing culture values! MY culture! So hear on, hearing folks. The ocean does sound great...

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